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Argentina is currently the world’s fourth largest producer of lithium after Australia, Chile and China. In Latin America, moreover, Bolivia also indicated a willingness to establish itself with the mineral.  According to an analysis by JPMorgan, by 2028 Argentina will overtake Chile as the world’s second largest lithium producer (The first place belongs to Australia). This is due to the swift move by the neighboring country and tie-ups with Chinese and Korean companies. 

Information gathered by Diario Financiero detailed that Argentina would produce “316 kilotons (kt) of lithium carbonate over six years which is equivalent to the 303 kt forecast for Chile.” It was also specified that this would go hand in hand with the high value of lithium due to its scarcity; considering that It is an elemental mineral—like copper—for energy transition. Of world. Our country has the largest reserves of the so-called “white gold”. Argentina is currently the world’s fourth largest producer of lithium—after Australia, Chile and China—and exploration and production activities are concentrated in the salt flats in Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca in the country’s northwest.

According to Euronews, Global demand for light metals could triple by 2025.  In a publication, said Medium Criticized Chile for being “slow” and “hermetic”. In this regard, while Argentina and Australia will move to establish themselves as fundamental suppliers of lithium.

Bolivia For its part, it also announced that it was working to promote the industrialization of lithium with tests for the direct extraction of the mineral and thus increase its production quotas. the country More than 21 million tons of lithium, one of the largest reserves in the world. The main one is in the Uyuni salt flat in the Andean region of Potosi, and to a lesser extent in the Pastos Grandes deposit, also from Potosi, and shared between Coipasa, Oruro and the Bolivian Department of Chile. 

JPMorgan Warns Argentina Will Overtake Chile In Lithium Production ( 

Industrial Production Operation in July of 2022


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